Pulo Nasi in Pulo Aceh

Pulo Nasi is easier to visit and has more facilities and shorter distances. As Pulo Nasi is smaller than Pulo Breuh it feels more crowded and social, compared to Pulo Breuh.

Pulo Nasi has maybe the best beaches in Pulo Aceh. The best ones on Pulo Nasi are Pasi RayeNipah and  behind it has Rusa Deer that sometimes comes down to the beach. The beach is open to the west and can have big waves.

To enter Pasi Raye you will pass the beach Mata Ie. It was damaged by the tsunami. There is a both a freshwater well and a bat cave behind this beach. Nipah is also very quiet, but facing east. It has small waves and is more suitable for families. The grand Lamtadu beach is only a 15 minute walk from the Kandang village. It is located in a relatively deep bay facing south west. The waves can be big. In the eastern season turtles sometimes lay egg here.

The villages Deudap and Lamting are the two major entry points to Pulo Nasi. Deudap is a nice fishing village on a nice beach. The mountain behind is Gunung Peunyeri and its summit can be reach form either Deudap or Kandang. Kandang is the biggest village on Pulau Nasi. Its economy is based on agriculture, just like the nearby villages of Rabo and Batu Apit.

Kandang is very spread out. The houses have big gardens. There is a health center and the only high school of the archipelago. Between Kandang and the Lamtadu Beach is a swamp area with a lake. A forty minutes walk to the northwest takes you to the Pasijaneng village. This village was totally destroyed by tsunami, except one house. Fortunately the inhabitants saw the wave coming and manage to escape.

Pulo Nasi disore Hari


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